SAM’s Club

Mission Statement

To help inspire a love of learning for the Lakewood Elementary students


Our club is for students who want to learn more outside their school hours. The goal is that students develop a love for science, arts, and mathematics (abbreviated to SAM). We will focus on hands on activities to foster creativity, curiosity, and build problem solving skills by using fun and engaging activities

The science portion of SAM’s club is a hands-on learning-based curriculum which delves into STEM, chemistry, geology, biology, and physics. We will start each class with an engaging experiment, whether it’s one-on-one, group based, or teacher led. Then, after analyzing and having a discussion over the experiment results, there will be a follow up explanation and lesson. Our goal is to inspire curiosity in all students.

The art segment emphasizes creativity. Using art crafts and games, we hope to encourage a love for design, giving students a media in which they can express themselves in a fun and freeway. We want to help students enjoy the learning experience and also improve their soft skills.

In the math portion, we will be focusing on the real world uses of math, otherwise known as “fun” math. In addition, we will also be teaching students creative thinking strategies.  Each class we will be introducing an interesting topic of math, such as binary, counting principles, and properties of geometry. We will be less focused on grade level mathematics, but we will also be providing homework help for those that need it in the first ten minutes of the club.

In the language arts portion, we wish to educate students about critical thinking, comprehension tools, syntax and rhetoric through engaging activities like free writing and analyzing short passages from grade-appropriate literature. In addition, we want to encourage students to participate in spelling bees by providing word lists and teaching important roots from different languages. We hope this will help students improve their English language skills by taking part in enjoyable and enriching activities.